Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day Paper ideas

First of all, I bet you're all wondering why you didn't get Just Darling delivered to your inbox last week? I'm sorry I was such a bad blogger. I was, wasn't I? Last week was hectic for many reasons, one of them being that we added a new member to our little family! And no, I'm not preggers...not yet, I'm referring to our new 6 week old retriever pup, Mila. She's been a hand full, keeping us up all night with her whining, barking, and chewing. So in between her toilet breaks at 2am in the morning and various other commitments I had last  week- there was no time to write (sad face). Nevertheless, here she is. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm sure you will see more of her in the posts to come and come to love her as much as we already do.

Paper Lamps

Speaking about LOVE- Valentines Day is a couple of days away, so if you are planning a romantic evening with your beloved this Thursday, then check out the lamps I made below. They really are beautiful once they are lit up and they are super easy and cheap to make. So instead of using boring tea lights on your dinner table this year- try this cute paper craft for Valentine's Day or your next dinner event.

What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape
  • One Sheet of Scrap Booking Paper - as thin and transparent as possible (You can also use light wrapping paper)
  • Washi- Tape, Lace or Ribbon
  • A champagne glass
  • Tea Lights

  • Cut the paper into a circle. The bigger the circle, the bigger the lamp shade will be (I traced out the shape of a dinner plate).
  • Cut a small hole (about the size of a squash ball) in the middle of the larger circle.
  • Cut a chunk out of the paper to form a "C" shape. You may need to cut out more if necessary
  • Overlap the gap of the circle to form the lampshade and secure with sticky tape on the inner-side. The method is similar to that of the paper cones posted on Just Darling a while ago- see the template here.
  • Decorate the end of the lamp shade with washi tape, lace or ribbon. (I used a lace washi-tape).
  • Place a tea light into the champagne glass and pop the lamp shade on-top of the glass. Eazy Peazy!

Paper Treasure Hunt

Another really cute paper idea is to set a trail for your Valentine. Send him/her on a treasure hunt by devising a path leading to yourself or the gift. I bought my treasure hunt pack from In Good Company and it included 3 hanging signs, floor scatters and a heart shaped gift box. The entire thing is made out of paper and so it would be really simple to make it by hand if you felt like being creative.

In Good Company Address:
52nd Sixth Street,
Parkhurst, 2193
South Africa

So for those in pursuit of love this Valentine's Day...I hope you find it, not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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