Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebrating Silverware

One of the most popular collected items amongst women is silverware and even if you are not a collector, most women have an antique silver heirloom tucked away in a dark cupboard somewhere. We always say we are going to use it for a special occasion but then no occasion ever seems "special enough". I love silverware and have decided to use it whenever and wherever I can. After all, life is too short to wait for the perfect moment.

So if you want to display your silverware, but you don't quite know how then this post is for you. Below is a little project I did for my mom. She has tons of silverware- tea pots, sugar bowls, gravy boats- you name it- she has it. Sadly though, the items were collecting dust and not being showed off as they should. So we decided to create a "silverware mobile" that would hang directly above her coffee and tea station. We just screwed some hooks into the roof, hung the silverware with some ribbon and it really was as easy as that! I also decided to use the sugar bowls and milk jugs as mini-vases by putting some water and some pretty roses in them. The best part is that if my mom ever needs to use the items- she can just slip them off the ribbon! Check out the pics below to see the finished product.

I've also shared some more inspiration and ideas from Pinterest of how you can Flaunt the Silver that Yo Momma Gave You! Enjoy...

The Silverware Project...

Love & Blessings

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