Friday, June 21, 2013

The Foundry

Life can run away with me and often I realize it's been MONTHS since I've last seen some of my closest friends. Completely unacceptable, I know. To combat this horrible dilemma, we've now set up a Monthly Couples Dinner. Each month, one couple chooses a restaurant and the rest of us simply show up and enjoy good food (hopefully) and good company (ALWAYS!). This past month was our choice of restaurant and I'm happy to say that The Foundry, in Parktown North did not let us down!

Friends of ours recently told us to check out this cosy eatery which opened last year and I'm so so glad they did! The Foundry has labelled itself a Kitchen Roastworks Craft Bar and offers a great selection of local and international craft beers (boys will be very excited at the site of the craft beer menu) as well as a wine and cocktail menu for the ladies.

I still can't put my finger on how to categorize the restaurant- A steakhouse? No- it's way too distinctive for that kind of label...more like a Gastro Pub (i.e High quality food loosely based on a traditional pub menu). Each dish on the menu was quite unique and you certainly won't find the average, Steak, Chips & Salad here. The dinner menu was small but I can guarantee you'll still have a hard time deciding what to order. I know I certainly did!

Take a look at some of the dishes we ordered below and see for yourself...
Crispy Skinned Pork Belly served with an apple, green-pepper and pear cider relish and warm potato salad (92)
Butter Chicken, Masala, Pineapple, Cracked Pompadom, Raita and Fresh Coriander Pizza
Fillet Steak Medallions with potato dauphinoise, spinach, pea puree and red wine jus
Handmade Mushroom Ravioli- Field Mushrooms, Springs Onions, Pine Nuts and Rocket with Herb infused Truffle Oil (88)

The friendly kitchen staff

The Foundry is situated in Parktown Quarter, Third Avenue, Parktown North. Tel: 011 447 5828


  1. Added to my next visit list! Your blog is very pretty! x

    1. Thanks so much Nadia! Likewise! :) Hoping to see you in JHB in October!

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