Monday, January 28, 2013

NicciNoo Creations

Most people will say they buy local, handmade products because they want to help establish a new economic model, or perhaps they will blabber off about some sort of ecological advantage of buying handcrafted goods. For me the reasons are quite simple, firstly artisan products will always be made with love. They haven't been massed produced in some huge factory, instead each stitch has been well thought out and the product always comes with a personal touch. Secondly, you are buying something from someone who LOVES what they do and the passion behind the product really shows. And thirdly, handmade products come with an invisible guarantee that says "This product is completely unique and one of a kind". No two handmade products will ever be exactly the same. Don't you hate it when you wear a beautiful new dress only to find that a million other people are wearing the same one? It's like anti-climax epitomized! Well, with hand made products you can be 100% certain that will never be the case. That's exactly why I'm crazy about buying artisan crafts whether be from the local market or from a budding designer.

Recently I spotted the work of NicciNoo Creations online and fell in love with her scatter cushions. Nicci is a full time wife and mom to grown children as well as a soon to be grandparent. She has loved all things “crafty” for as long as she can remember (reminds me of my own mom) and has fairly recently decided to turn that love into a little business, making everything from cushions, clothes, teddies to pretty much anything crochet.

Take a look at Nicci's work and place your order today. 


Please note all prices exclude delivery/postage. Colours can be customized.

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