Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Ways with Paper!

I really suck at sewing! No seriously, in Home Economics I did pretty well in everything EXCEPT SEWING. I was useless. Weird, since my mom is the Queen of a needle and thread. I've always been upset that I couldn't sew because there are so many amazing things you can make. So although I'm still learning with the stitch, I'm very grateful for scrapbooking paper! That's something I can do- CUT & STICK! Haha! So if you feel the same,  today I'll be showing you some simple, cute things you can do with paper for your next event.

This is what you'll need:

  • Scrapbooking Paper 
  • String or Ribbon
  • Mini Pegs
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Buttons, Washi- Tape etc

No Sew Paper Buntings

Although Fabric Buntings are first prize- these paper buntings take half as long to make and they look just as beautiful! There are so many different scrapbooking papers to choose from these days that you can have alot of fun choosing your prints too!

1. Cut each scrapbooking sheet in half
2. Fold each rectangle in half to form a square
3. With the fold at the top draw a triangle from each fold-corner to the bottom-centre of the paper.
4. Cut the shape out to form a double-sided triangle or BUNTING FLAG :)
5. Finally, secure each flag onto a piece of string/ribbon using glue (Alternatively, I used mini pegs so that I could dismantle the bunting later).

Paper Cones

I love paper cones because there really is no end to what you could use them for- sweets, petals, fish and chips or in my case popcorn. I used pretty scrap booking paper but plain newspaper looks good too.
You wont believe how simple it is! All you need to do is cut a circle (Any Size) with a 45 Degree angle cut out of it and then overlap the gap to form the cone.Then secure the end with clear tape. To finish it off you can decorate the cone with buttons, ribbon or washi tape.

Cup Cake Wraps

You've probably seen these in the shops before but I usually encounter two problems- 1. They are SO expensive (it is only paper after all) and 2. I often can't find ones to fit my theme/colour. If you want event stationery to match perfectly then I would suggest picking out your prints and making your own. Again, its really simple. Find the cupcake template here, trace it onto your chosen paper and cut it out. Wrap it around the cupcake and secure.

If you have your own unique ways with paper- let me know! Would love to hear more beautiful paper-craft ideas.

Much Love Abz


  1. So nice Abz what a great idea for those who can't sew. Can't wait for ur next paper idea!! Is Tuesday going to become "paper Tuesday"??
    keep up the good ideas!

  2. Great ideas Abz, can't wait for "foodie Friday"