Monday, July 15, 2013

News from Just Darling!

Firstly...I think it's only fair to apologize for being so awfully quiet on the blog for the last few weeks. You are probably wondering if I'm still alive and kicking. Well- Just Darling has been working on some new projects recently and I think it's about time we let you in on what's happening. We are very, very excited (like super excited) to announce that Just Darling will be a Johannesburg Stockist of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint™.

Having already gained huge success in Europe, The USA, Canada and Australia, the Chalk Paint™ craze has now officially hit South African shores and the response has already been overwhelming! Just Darling attended the official press launch in Johannesburg last week as well as our Stockist Training Workshop. We are so excited to be able to share this product with you and offer hands-on workshops where you can learn the techniques for yourselves. For all decorators and DIY enthusiasts- Chalk Paint™ is going to change your world.

So what is Chalk Paint™ and who is Annie Sloan?

Annie Sloan developed her now famous decorative paint, Chalk Paint, over 20 years ago to answer the need she had for a versatile paint that would have many uses from acting like limewash to looking like old painted furniture. She called it Chalk Paint because of its beautiful velvety, matt finish. Annie Sloan is known across the globe as a top-selling author of over 20 books, selling over 2 million copies, an artist, a colour and decorative paint expert and most of all a paint pioneer. “I am absolutely delighted to launch Chalk Paint™ in South Africa as part of our worldwide roll out. South Africa is definitely on the map with trend setting ideas, wonderful history and a great lifestyle. I hope that home decor and interior design lovers will love my paint as much as I do! I look forward to meeting and working with some of them when I visit South Africa in early 2014”, says Annie Sloan.
Chalk Paint is very easy to work with. It very rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming, and can be used indoors or outside and on just about any surface - from wood to metal and matt plastic to terracotta. It is specifically designed for furniture, but can also be used on walls and floors.  The flexibility and user friendliness of this paint, allows the user to work in an independent, intuitive and creative way.. It's easy, fun and makes amazing results accessible to everyone.

With a colour palette inspired by 18th and 20th Century decor and design, the colours can easily mixed together to extend the range. Chalk Paint is eco-friendly too! The paint is water based. It contains no lead, extremely low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and is odour free. It's safe for use in nurseries and on children's toys.

According to Sloan, her brand has been built on a burning desire to educate people about art and design first and foremost. Sloan is a leader in the global painted furniture revolution. Sloan has always supported small business wherever possible and has carefully selected over 600 independent stockists and niche d├ęcor stores around the world to be stockists of Chalk Paint™ and the supporting products. 

Watch this space for the launch date of the Just Darling Creative Workshop and to book your workshop spot.

Chalk Paint costs R250 per litre tin.
Soft Wax – Clear & Dark costs R140 per 500ml

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Foundry

Life can run away with me and often I realize it's been MONTHS since I've last seen some of my closest friends. Completely unacceptable, I know. To combat this horrible dilemma, we've now set up a Monthly Couples Dinner. Each month, one couple chooses a restaurant and the rest of us simply show up and enjoy good food (hopefully) and good company (ALWAYS!). This past month was our choice of restaurant and I'm happy to say that The Foundry, in Parktown North did not let us down!

Friends of ours recently told us to check out this cosy eatery which opened last year and I'm so so glad they did! The Foundry has labelled itself a Kitchen Roastworks Craft Bar and offers a great selection of local and international craft beers (boys will be very excited at the site of the craft beer menu) as well as a wine and cocktail menu for the ladies.

I still can't put my finger on how to categorize the restaurant- A steakhouse? No- it's way too distinctive for that kind of label...more like a Gastro Pub (i.e High quality food loosely based on a traditional pub menu). Each dish on the menu was quite unique and you certainly won't find the average, Steak, Chips & Salad here. The dinner menu was small but I can guarantee you'll still have a hard time deciding what to order. I know I certainly did!

Take a look at some of the dishes we ordered below and see for yourself...
Crispy Skinned Pork Belly served with an apple, green-pepper and pear cider relish and warm potato salad (92)
Butter Chicken, Masala, Pineapple, Cracked Pompadom, Raita and Fresh Coriander Pizza
Fillet Steak Medallions with potato dauphinoise, spinach, pea puree and red wine jus
Handmade Mushroom Ravioli- Field Mushrooms, Springs Onions, Pine Nuts and Rocket with Herb infused Truffle Oil (88)

The friendly kitchen staff

The Foundry is situated in Parktown Quarter, Third Avenue, Parktown North. Tel: 011 447 5828

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A 35th Wedding Anniversary

I'm so happy to be able to say that I've had parents who have displayed a pretty close to perfect example of what marriage should be like. After meeting and falling in love in their teens, my parents married at 21 and have continued to grow old together ever since. 35 years later they are still saying, "I Do". What an honour it's been for Gaz and I to have learnt so much about marriage from them and an even greater honour to celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary with them a few weeks ago. The family decided to put on a celebratory champagne breakfast for the occasion and it was my job to make it look as beautiful as possible. I decided to go with a Romantic Vintage Theme by using lace, burlap, vintage items like old typewriters and old cameras and lots of roses (my moms favourite flower). Personal touches in the decor, like old family photos, scrabble letters (a game they are very fond of) and buntings made from photocopies of old love letters made faded memories come back to life.

Despite the wind- the morning was joyfully spent in the company of an amazing family (if I say so myself)... here are some pictures which captured the event...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Irene Village Market

Last week Saturday Gaz and I decided to take a drive to the Irene Village Market.  The Market which lies on the beautiful grounds of the Smuts House Museum is about 40 kilometres from Johannesburg and definitely worth the drive. I truly believe this market has been the pioneer in setting the trend for all the newer lifestyle markets which have popped up more recently. 

Held on the second and last Saturday of every month,  the market offers an AMAZING antique section, YUMMY food stalls and tons of other homemade, homegrown and handcrafted exhibits.

Our Advice...
GO EARLY- the market gets jam packed from as early as 10am. 
TAKE CASH- if you draw cash at the teller you'll be charged a hefty 10% surcharge.
...AND BRING YOUR FURRIES because the market is pet friendly. Had we known this- Colby & Mila would've definitely tagged along for the adventure.

09:00 -14:00
every second and last 
Saturday of the month.

tel: (012) 667 1659 
weekdays 09:00-12:30
fax: 086 6566 254
PO box 985, Irene, 0062