Thursday, May 16, 2013

Old Shutters- New Uses

One of the top trends of interior design at the moment is to rethink, renew and recycle! Repurposed shutters in the home are definatley on the "trend hot list" and a key ingredient for a shabby-chic home. I picked up two shutters while antiquing in Parys recently. Actually, if I'm honest- they're not really shutters, they're more like two western-tavern doors - haha (close enough)!

The intention was to use the "tavern doors" to give my plain-jane windows a new look. The job was easy! All I did was sand down and re-paint the old shutters in an off-white shade (I made sure I used a weather-proof paint as the shutters were going to be outdoors) and finally scratched and weathered them using a 180 grit sandpaper to give them a Shabby-Chic look. The hardest part was deciding which window would have the honour of wearing the new accessory. After much deliberation with my friends and family- the perfect spot was found just outside my kitchen window- as a focal point above my herb table. Check out the finished product below and also take a look at some other 
beautiful ideas and uses for old shutters. I'm already on the hunt for my next pair. 
Be inspired!