Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homemade with Mom Mom. Remember that day I told you I sucked at sewing (find the post here)? Well, I really don't know how that happened considering how talented my mom is with the needle. She is a quilting fanatic, embroidery extraordinaire and is totally blessed with a knack for fabrics.
"Homemade with Mom" is a series of posts that will exhibit my mom's projects and show you exactly how she made them. Just because I can't sew doesn't mean you should be deprived of the opportunity to see beautiful sewing crafts on the Just Darling Blog right? So here we go...


I like gardening on Sundays- summer Sundays. For me its the best way to end the week. But, after time and time again of getting my church clothes dirty-  I asked my mom to make me a gardening apron. It's so cute! Who says you can't look cute while pulling weeds? It's also practical - this little apron has pretty pockets to keep all your tools close at hand.  My mom says that anyone who can sew a stitch can make this little apron - so if you feel like making one for yourself or alternatively making it as a thoughtful Christmas gift for one of your green-fingered friends then keep reading...

  • Basic sewing notions such as: scissors, rulers, measuring tape, thread, needles, pins, etc.
  • Embroidery threads should you be doing any embroidery.
  • Scraps of floral cotton fabric should you wish to appliqué flowers.
  • 1 m Calico or Poly-cotton fabric (120cm wide)
  • 1/4 m floral fabric for binding and waist-band.
  • Should you not be doing appliqué or embroidery replace fabric for pocket with a floral fabric instead of the calico.

  • 1x 38cm x 60cm (Apron)
  • 1x 20cm x 60cm (Pocket)
  • 1x 10 cm x 172cm (Waist-band) (you may need to join two pieces to get the length).
  • 5x 5cm wide strips (Binding -these measurements should be the same width and length of apron and pocket). Eg, 2 strips for top and bottom of pocket, 1 strip for bottom of apron & 2 strips for sides of apron


Fold material in half (lengthwise 60cm) and press.  The fold is the top of the pocket.
At this point embroidery or appliqué should be done on front of pocket. Should you not be doing any of the above the calico measurements for pocket should be replaced with the floral fabric of choice. Once designs have been completed you can start the pocket binding.

Pocket Binding

* Note- These instructions will be the same for the apron.
  • Take the 5cm strips previously cut for pocket binding. There should be 2.
  • Pin raw edge of binding to fold line edge (top of pocket) and stitch (1/4 inch seam allowance).
  • Pin raw edge of next strip to raw wedge of bottom of pocket and stitch.
* For both apron & pocket bindings continue as follows:
  • Press and turn binding over to back of pocket (wrong sides of pocket).
  • Press 1cm of raw edge over to form a seam.
  • Fold over again and pin to back of pocket.
  • Top stitch binding to pocket. 3mm from open edge of binding.

Fold material in half (along the 60cm length).
Fold line being the top of the apron.(waist-band edge).

Apron Binding

* Repeat as for pocket on bottom of apron only.  Sides to be done only after waistband attached.

  • Position pocket on apron as desired. (I recommend +-9 cm from top (fold) or 4cm from bottom raw edge).
  • Draw  a line 4cm up from  the bottom on apron. Place bottom of pocket on this line. Stitch pocket to apron on this line 
  • Divide the pocket into three - optional sizes of pockets.  I recommend a bigger pocket in the middle and two small ones on either side.  Draw lines from top to bottom of pocket with a water soluble pen and stitch divisions on these lines working from bottom of pocket to top (opening end of pocket).
  • Strengthen the tops by reverse stitching.

* Once pocket has been stitched you can continue with side bindings as per previous binding instructions. Remember to turn in the edges (1cm) before stitching.

The Waist-Band:

  • Take 10cm strip fold in half (right sides together). Turn in 1cm of ends (wrong sides together) and stitch raw edges together.
  • Turn band inside out....this can be quite a challenge but persevere :-)
  • Once right sides show 
  • Fold strip in half (lengthwise) and mark the middle.
  • Fold apron in half along top edge and mark.
  • Position these marks together placing waistband 1 cm down from top of top edge of apron (this would be the fold line) pin and stitch waistband to top of apron. I recommend two rows of stitches  a few mm apart to secure waistband and ...voila!