Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Organised & Make Your Own Pin-Board.

One of the things I really want to get right this year is being organised. I'm not the most unorganised person in the world, but there is certainly always room for improvement. Sometimes I have the best intentions to put all my notes, magazine clip outs & scraps of material in one place but they always mysteriously end up in my bottom desk drawer! Gaz is pretty much the same. He'll clean his desk and within a day or two it's already piled up with music chords, forms, briefs and random sticky notes. Actually, I now refuse to buy Gaz sticky notes because he has an actual problem with those lol. 

2013 however, is going to be different! That's why I asked my mom to make me a cute pin board where I can systematically pin all my inspirations. I could have actually made it myself, as all it requires is gluing, sticking & stapling. BUT firstly, it must be said that my mom does everything better (she really does) and secondly we wanted to add a bit more character to this board and decided to sew on pockets and other embellishments (Uh-hmm yes, sewing. Something I've already told you I suck at...see where I said  here  ;)

So if you feel like you could do with a little more organisation in your home, office, studio, classroom or craft room then read my mom's commentary below and find out how you can make your very own...

Material Requirements:

Normal sewing notions such as : Ruler, cotton, pins, scissors etc
Soft Board – 85cm X 85 cm (Builders Warehouse stocks it in big sheets and you get about 3 big pin-boards out of 1 sheet – so make one for a friend!)
Material of your choice for the board
Scraps of material and lace should you wish to applique or embellish!


Board Cover:
Cut one piece of material 96cm X 96 cm (this can be slightly smaller as it just needs to be enough to cover the board with a little extra to wrap around for stapling.)

Cut batting 85cm X 85 cm to pad the board.  Thickness of batting dependent on how padded you want the board to be.

Pockets X 2:
Each pocket consists of two pieces of material.  Choose two different colours for each pocket.
Adjust size should you wish to have larger or small pockets.

Front of pocket(Larger pocket)- 
Finished size of pocket is 22cm X 18cm
Cut 23cm X 19 cm
Inside pocket and flap:
Cut 23cm X 26cm (7cm of the 26cm is for the flap) cut in one piece.

Front of pocket: (Smaller pocket) - 
Finished size of pocket is 20cm X 16cm
Cut 21cm X 17cm
Inside pocket and flap:
Cut 21cm X 23cm


The Pockets:
Pin rights sides together and stitch sides and bottom of pocket. (do not stitch top of pocket)
Turn inside out and press.
Turn flap over onto front of pocket and blanket stitch raw edge only – do not blanket stitch sides yet (you can turnover a small seam allowance on raw edge before stitching)

At this point you can embellish the pocket and the board cover by adding lace or buttons or applique-ing hearts or flowers - whatever you desire.

Mark and pin pockets to front cover as desired and blanket stitch pocket to board cover.  Remember not to stitch the top of pocket closed.

I placed the larger pocket on the bottom right hand corner and the smaller pocket on the top left hand corner
Remember to keep in mind that the edge of the material is not the edge of the board as we have added extra material to wrap around the board so, measure and mark where the edge of the board is on your material before placing the pockets.

Sew all applique (hearts or flowers) onto board cover.

The Board:
Glue batting to board and trim any edges that overlap the board.
Once all the sewing has been done, place finished front cover on board and start wrapping and stapling.
Best is to work from the middle outwards – you may need help here to hold and pull the material tightly over the board.
Staple material to board at the back.
Add hooks to back of board to hang on the wall or if you just wish to press-stick it to the wall that could also work.

Now stand back and admire your work! 

Ps. Should you wish to order one instead- please email ml@rightlink.co.za R300. Colours can be customized to suit your home.

The Finished Product. Thanks Mom! 

     Till next time...

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