Monday, November 12, 2012

Darling Decor

Weathered & Distressed Decor- Be Inspired!

Following on from my recent post about DIY Weathering & Distressing (View it here) I thought I would provide you with a little inspiration on the topic to show you just how much you can do with this look. Who would've thought that scratching, sanding, chipping and battering objects could look so beautiful. I just love these images... it makes me want to paint and sand EVERYTHING! Have a peek and let these pics be your muse ...

White Washed & Weathered Cafe Style Table & Chair

You can see that they have done ALOT of work on this server- different layers of paint create a textured look. And BONUS POINTS for the gigantic lantern...LOVE!

Weathered Arch Mirrors

This is a good look too- keep the top dark and only make changes to the bottom of the piece.

So original- an old train station bench/church pew weathered and put in an entrance hall. So simple, so creative and just stunning! Anyone have a spare church pew lying around for me?  ;)

Weathered Shutters.

Weathered look combined with a glamorous chandelier. Works!

French blues & greys work beautifully on weathered antique pieces. I have to try this sometime- watch this space! And it just proves that you don't always have to go for traditional colours to still create a classic look.
Have a blessed week! Love Abz

(Images Sourced From: Pinterest; Paintmewhite; Brookegiannetti; Eclectic Revisited;

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