Friday, May 3, 2013

Wolves Cafe

These days, most of our weekend's seem to be booked up long in advance with Baby Showers, Kitchen Tea's, Weddings or Kiddies Birthday Parties. I love it because it's a sign of LIFE and GROWTH around us, people making vows to one another and building their families. In the same breath though, every now and then it's nice to get a weekend to ourselves- no commitments, no plans- just an average Saturday. When one of those weekends popped up last week- we grabbed the opportunity with both hands! We woke up late (9am) and headed out to Wolves Cafe for Breakfast and Cake. It was OUR first Wolves experience but it's certainly already a "Saturday Morning Staple" for many locals in the Illovo area as the Cafe offers fantastic coffees, free wi-fi and delicious delicious cake!

The thing I loved most about the cafe is that it couldn't be categorized. Wolves Cafe has initiated a new kind of cool as the mismatched decor forms a quirky, homely, varsity common-room kind of feel. What's also interesting is that the Cafe has teamed up some unusual combinations - Music, Beer and...Cake!? Strangely however- the Trio works! The combination comes to life every Friday from 04h30. A place where socialites can come and enjoy some nice music, nice beer (or coffee) and in my opinion phenomenal cake. The venue also hosts live music acts every Thursday night.

The menu is small and well-priced. YES, finally a place that offers good, fresh food at reasonable prices. Gaz and I had Toasted Olive Ciabatta which we could stuff with our own choice of fillings and we ended off our breakfast with their Signature Hummingbird Cake-  a pineapple, banana, pecan nut & cinnamon cake topped with a rich cream cheese frosting. A Wolves Cafe Must Have! I was also able to enjoy a little retail therapy at Wolves Cafe- they have some awesome random stuff to buy- jewellery, art, organic tea's and other randomly cool objects. 

All in all- Wolves Cafe provided Gaz and I with the perfect, chilled Saturday morning experience. All I can possibly say is- when we have another "No-Obligations-Weekend"- we'll be going back!

Find Them At:

4 Corlett Drive


Phone Them On

011 447 2360 (Shop)

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  1. Glad you had some time off Abz! - looks a bit retro hey!
    when are we going to see a Handmade/homemade by mom again? ;-)