Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Irene Village Market

Last week Saturday Gaz and I decided to take a drive to the Irene Village Market.  The Market which lies on the beautiful grounds of the Smuts House Museum is about 40 kilometres from Johannesburg and definitely worth the drive. I truly believe this market has been the pioneer in setting the trend for all the newer lifestyle markets which have popped up more recently. 

Held on the second and last Saturday of every month,  the market offers an AMAZING antique section, YUMMY food stalls and tons of other homemade, homegrown and handcrafted exhibits.

Our Advice...
GO EARLY- the market gets jam packed from as early as 10am. 
TAKE CASH- if you draw cash at the teller you'll be charged a hefty 10% surcharge.
...AND BRING YOUR FURRIES because the market is pet friendly. Had we known this- Colby & Mila would've definitely tagged along for the adventure.

09:00 -14:00
every second and last 
Saturday of the month.

tel: (012) 667 1659 
weekdays 09:00-12:30
fax: 086 6566 254
PO box 985, Irene, 0062

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