Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make Your Own Cake Bunting

Many of you may have seen the cute cake bunting I used for the cake at my Easter Candy Table  (see post here). Well here's how you can make your own.

What you'll need:
Scrapbooking Paper/Coloured Paper
String or Bakers Twine
Super Glue
2 Tooth Picks
2 Party straws

1. Fold a piece of scapbooking paper in half. You wont need the whole sheet. I suggest only working with 1/3 of the sheet.
2. With the fold at the top draw a triangle in the size you wish your bunting flags to be- I made my triangles 2cm in width and about 1.5cm in length.
3. Cut the shape out to form a double-sided triangle or BUNTING FLAG :)
4. Secure each mini flag onto a piece of string/bakers twine using pritt glue.
5. Stick a flag onto each toothpick.
6. Secure each end of the bunting flag line to a tooth pick using superglue
7. Stick each tooth pick into a straw and secure it with superglue.
8. Shove your cute bunting into a cake and VIOLA- "Gourmet Looking Cake" in an instant! :)

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