Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creativity with Crates

There's no doubt that the lofty & rustic crate look is currently in vogue and hopefully it's here to stay! I'm definitely a fan whether I'm using crates to pot herbs, to stash groceries or in today's case using them as a make-shift bookshelf/wine rack. Gaz really needed an attractive place to store his most prized wines (uh-hmmm about 5 bottles at this point) and I really needed to create a focal point on (what used to be) a very boring wall! So it was a win-win- YAY! :)

All I needed was some hard wearing crates, wine rack latis, some screws, mounting plates, a drill and 1x husband to put it all together for me! Now all Gaz and I have to do is start collecting more wine to fill up all those empty gaps! Watch this space for more creative crate ideas!

If  would like us to come and "install" a crate bookshelf and/or wine rack in your home- you can email abigail@rightlink.co.za or gareth@rightlink.co.za