Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Darling Vintage

Vintage Ladders

Gaz and I recently took a trip to Parys for a little antique hunting exercise and this is the gem I found. This gorgeous vintage ladder, still in "perfect-shabby" condition looking very lonely in the corner of the shop. I picked it up for an incredible R250 and now it has a home and a purpose in life...it makes the perfect book shelf. These guys are hard to find- TRUST ME, I've been searching for months and they are either too expensive or completely dilapidated. So if you find one- buy it immediately, not only will you find a million practical uses for it but it'll add a bit of country vintage charm to your home. 

My gorgeous ladder- I'm in Love!

And...some other uses I liked the idea of...

 I just LOVE this idea- you could even hang this above your dining room table instead of traditional lighting!

Till next time
Love Abz


  1. Congrats Abz!!! I know this blog is going to do well - you have too much talent not to showcase it and share - look forward to what you have to offer and hope it becomes all you have dreamed of!!!